You can rent out your bots (WTRO) safely through, the BotBroker of bot rentals.

This guide is for those who have already created a bot rental listing. 

What to do when you receive a bot rental order

When you get a notification by email that you’ve received an order for your bot:

1. Log into

2. Click ‘Accept Order’. If you don’t do this within 3 days your order will be cancelled and you’ll never receive your payment. 

3. Send the renter the information they need to use your bot, while you still remain in control of it. Don’t send them everything. Send the info at least 8 hours before the rental starts.

That leads us to the next section which you need to read carefully, if you haven’t rented out your bot before.

It is important to note that renting out your bot is at your own risk, you'll be fine if you follow our instructions here though.


What exactly should you send your renter?

This guide should help you sending the right information to your renter. Send too much information and they will take control of your bot.

  • Firstly, reset/deactivate your bot key, this is usually done by messaging the bots discord bot or visiting the bots dashboard.
  • Once the key is no longer active on a device, you are ready to send the key and the download link to the renter.
  • When the rental period is over you reset / deactivate the key once again and they will be logged out.

When renting out your bot NEVER give them discord or dashboard access as they can unbind the key (steal the bot). If your bot allows you to change your key I would recommend doing this after every rental.

Specific instructions for each bot

Reset key through app or dashboard.

Reset through discord bot, “!deactivate_key” to deactivate key (log the renter out) and “!reset_key” (changes a few characters of your license key).

Reset through dashboard:

To run dashe you need to login, as long as the email is yours, it cannot be changed.

Project Destroyer: 
Reset through discord bot, “!reset” will log the renter out.

Reset through site: (never share email with renter).

Reset through site: (never share email with renter)

Aio bot: 
Reset through discord bot, !deactivate your-key

Don’t allow renting. You key might get banned if you do.

Say they don’t want people renting out, but you can still do it. Reset your key, then only give that key. 

Against renting out. You key might get banned if you do.

BNB Nike: 
Reset through discord bot, !reset <serial key>

Plugged ios: 
Can’t rent out the mac version as it's linked to apple id. Desktop version is OK to rent out.

Send the key without unbinding it from your Discord. When you want it back, send !deactivate to the Velox Discord Bot and activate it on your PC.

Don't support reselling and discourage renting. The person with your key can reset it anytime.

They do not support renting your key out.

If you don't see your bot on the list, ask the support staff of your bot to see if it can be rented out and how to rent it out safely.