You can be both a seller and a buyer on btwmarket.io. All you need to do is select our set categories of products or services and make your listing live!
We have taken several precautions to make this the safest botting marketplace online. One of the ways BTW Market fights frauds and scams is with an escrow system that locks the buyer's payment for 7 days. This way the vendor will only receive their payment after 7 days. Vendors are also protected from unwarranted chargebacks.
btwmarket.io will take a 10% comission fee on every sale generated by this platform and 5USD fixed fee on every rental. There will also be a minor payment getaway fee which is outside of our control.
For the moment we review each of the listings manually to make sure we keep full control over the legitimacy of the products / services offered here. Your listing should be reviewed in less than 24 hours. We may contact you for a product sample or more explanation about your service when it comes to tutoring.
Payments are held in escrow for 7 days after which they are released to the vendor from our payment gateway.
Each rental date starts at midnight EST (New York, US) time, but as vendors and sellers may be in different time zones which may cause delays of a few hours at times.
No. Everything is sold by inviduals who have signed up to be vendors on the platform.