Posted on 04/09/2020
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AstroSnkrs Global Premium Verified Nike Accounts

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• Made with unique SIM cards, with various cookies that will validate Nike’s bot detection.
• Created with different ip’s to ensure Nike does not flag any accounts.
• Made with domain. (You do not get email access)
• All accounts are checked for verification prior to sending. (If for any reason you receive an account unverified, you will instantly get a replacement, you will still get to use the warranty)
• AstroSnkrs accounts are guaranteed to work on all PHIL release regions, offering high success rates on said regions (Ca, Cn, Ph, Jp, Sg, Tw, Kr, Ru, De, Fr, Nl, It, Au, etc.)
• Accounts have a high life span if they are maintained correctly. Only use each account on 1 region after receiving them. For checking them we recommend choosing random accounts and logging into them manually.
• Here at AstroSNKRS we are so sure about our account’s lifespan and verification, that we offer a 30-day account replacement warranty for any accounts that have be unverified or reset for a valid reason. (Using accounts on multiple regions or Nike’s random mobile verification resets are considered invalid reasons)

We also offer the option for users to provide us with their own catchall email, for accounts to be created on, that way the use has email access to every account. This service is free of cost and follows the same pricing scheme as our domain accounts.

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What accounts can I provide my client with?

  • Nike

How old are my accounts on average?

Very new